The polyhedric French artist is set to hypnotize the audience with his unique and visionary show
Saturday 23rd July 2022

Piazza Castello, Sesto al Reghena (PN)
Concert start time 9.00 p.m/ 21:00

Ticket price: €32,00 + fees
Tickets available from Ticketone and Ticketmaster

From 11.00 a.m on 24th March

Sexto ‘Nplugged’s line-up gets even bigger today with a third headliner announced for the 17th edition of the boutique festival: the visionary French musician, director and composer WOODKID, who will perform in the historical location of Piazza Castello, in the heart of one of the most ancient, charming and rock’n’roll villages in Italy, on Saturday 23rd July 2022, in collaboration with Comcerto.

For Woodkid, aka Yoann Lemoine, two albums were enough – the masterpiece “The Golden Age” released in 2013 and the follow-up “S16” in 2020 – to leave his mark and earn both audience and critical success, thanks to his peculiar style signature characterized by electro-pop songs that are, without a doubt, true movie soundtracks.

The polyhedric French artist, already known as a director of videos for pop stars such as Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Drake and Rihanna, and for his collaborations with Luc Besson and Sofia Coppola, kicked off his Woodkid project in 2011. In March of the same year he publishes the EP “Iron”, whose video has been used as a soundtrack in the trailer for “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations”, in the trailer for the film “Hitchcock” and in the TV series “Teen Wolf”.

In 2012 he releases the EP “Run Boy Run” and the video for the single of the same name is nominated for a Grammy Award in the “Best Short Form Music Video” category.

In 2013 the release of his debut album “Golden Age” places him firmly in the centre of the musical landscape, with over 800.000 copies sold, deservedly earning him the title of “Best New Artist Live Performance” at the Victoires De La Musique Awards in 2014 , plus a nomination for “Best Music Video” at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Some of the album tracks made it onto the soundtrack for “Django Unchained” and were sampled by Kendrick Lamar.

Seven years of experimentation and reflection by Lemoine had to pass before the release of his second album “S16”, released in 2020 by Island Records.

A melancholic record, starkly different from the previous one, with its dilated vibes, full of contrasts and fears, but also of politics, beauty, life and death.

Stand-outs are the wonderful “Goliath” – chosen by Hideo Kojima as soundtrack for the official trailer of “Death Stranding”.- e Guns For Hire“, included in the soundtrack of the Netflix animated series “Arcane – League Of Legends”.

As we are gently cradled by his distinctive voice, we find that Woodkid opens up the doors to an intimate universe, of deep introspective searching, terribly moving and human, and gifts us an epic live show in which performance, music, scenography and visions are in perfect balance.

This latest announcement serves to confirm some of the main and essential features of SEXTO ‘NPLUGGED: musical experimentation, focus of style and unconventional choices, all things that make this festival one of the main points of reference in Italy for quality music – always fully respecting the location where it takes place.

Before WOODKID, two world-famous female artists had already been announced: the indie-rock american icon CAT POWER, who will step on the festival stage on Tuesday 21st June (an exclusive for North East Italy) and the charismatic Danish singer-songwriter AGNES OBEL , set to charm the small mediaeval village on 29th July. (Read the previous press release here).

The small but precious medieaval village of Sesto al Reghena, embedded within natural spaces of rare beauty in the Province of Pordenone, has a long history starting from the Bronze Age and is especially famous for the Abbey of Santa Maria in Sylvis, founded around 730-735. Thanks to the location’s architecture, its roots in the past and the wonderful natural beauties that surround it, Sesto has been declared one of Italy’s most beautiful villages.

Sesto al Reghena is an inclusive and polyhedric space, devoted to music, art and culture in every sense, able to create a magic, unbreakable and mutual connection with the artists that come to play here every year.

The festival is supported by Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, PromoTurismoFVG and Fondazione Friuli.




21st June 2022
Piazza Castello, Sesto al Reghena (PN)

Concert start time: 9.00 p.m/ 21.00

Ticket price: 25 € + Fees
Tickets available fromTicketone and Ticketmaster


23rd July 2022

Piazza Castello, Sesto al Reghena (PN)

Concert start time: 9.00 p.m/ 21.00

Ticket price: 32 € + fees
Tickets available from Ticketone e Ticketmaster


29th July 2022
Piazza Castello, Sesto al Reghena (PN)

Concert start time: 9.00 p.m/ 21.00

Ticket price: 20 € + fees

Tickets available from Ticketone andTicketmaster


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